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School already started so I won't be posting that often. But I'll try my best to post something new every weekend! :-) xx

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Started blogging since October 2012 (and I still have no idea why I'm doing this)

Helped my brother with his photography project :-)

Updated my blog (again!!)

Hello to the new updates tab located at the right side of my blog hehehe

brownies batter 

My school’s quadrangle is the best view

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#: shots

Stay safe!! x

Random Sunday  afternoon photos

random pictures taken yesterday :-)

>happy june first!!
>I’ll drown you guys with bullets of May
>go the chance to commute all by myself!! (aaaaah)
>went on an unexpected adventure
> Review classes were awesome.
>Still nervous about entrance exams
>still, my month was composed of the internet (w/c explains the laptop and cp picture hehehe)
>I’m not yet ready
>S E N I O R Y E A R
>oh and a new book to read YAY

Have a slendid June everyone!! :-)


In a few weeks (days, for some), we’ll be headed back to our usual routine. Waking up as early as 4 or 5 am, preparing for school and sitting on a chair, listening to the teacher for 9 hours. It may sound boring, well actually it is. But of course in between those, we have activities and classes that could highlight the school year.

This coming school is quite scary yet exciting. SENIOR YEAR. The year everyone is waiting for. New experiences, new challenges and new learnings headed. I can’t actually describe my feelings. Hoping everything will be alright. xx

This post was supposedly for last Tuesday but then I forgot :-(

Good evening! xx

Musical play practices. #throwback

Throwback to the days when I never get out of photoshop and notepad. I remember this (the picture) was one of my successful edits last summer. Still, I’m proud of this, though it may not look that appealing. 

I have a new thing!! I’m trying to be active on my blog so I made this weekly segment, “Tuesday Thoughts.” I need to post something here more often, I guess this would be a great help.


I’ve been torn about two things lately. High school graduation and One Direction in Manila. 

Last May 9 or 10, there was a leaked video of the 1D boys saying that they are coming to Manila on the 21st of March. Of course I had to cry my eyes out because finally (!!) my sunshines are coming to my hometown! Unfortunately, March 21 may be the most awaited event in my whole life, High school graduation. Usually, my school sets the HS graduation on the 3rd Saturday of March. If ever thid happens I’m going to cry and hide in my room forever. I’m kidding, I have hopes and dreams I can’t do that. Of curse I have to attend the ceremony, I don’t graduate on the high school department twice. But the fact that I’ll miss seeing and hearing the boys live is depressing. Imagine 5 seconds of summer as their opening act. (ouch) Ok bye 

(sorry for fangirling :-( I have to release all of my thoughts. Have a nice day xx)

3 Years!!

I was editing my “About Me” page then I read the last line written, “Running with the rainbow unicorns since April 7 2011”. I was shocked because April 7 is my tumblr’s anniversary!! WOW I’ve been in the tumblr world for 3 years! I’m quite surprised that I haven’t deactivated my account since I occur problems with the html codes (LOL sorry) 

I know this is late but cheers for 3 years!! :)