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School already started so I won't be posting that often. But I'll try my best to post something new every weekend! :-) xx


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Started blogging since October 2012 (and I still have no idea why I'm doing this)


This had bugged me ever since October 9. So I’m going to rant about the selling of tickets to Ed Sheeran’s Multiply Concert in Manila (on March 12, 2015)

I’m pretty sure Ed is not that typical mainstream artist like Justin Bieber or One Direction. It’s shocking to hear the news that the tickets got sold out in one day. I didn’t even know that there were many Sheerios till the selling of the tickets. Honestly, I think that there are non-sheerios who bought ticket but who am I to tell that sheerios are the only one to go to the concert? This is a free country so they can do whatever they want.

No, I was not going to buy but I’m pretty sure my sister was going to. I was just concerned to those people who were dying to go to an Ed concert but didn’t get the chance to. 

But for those who are going on March 12, I hope you have a great time!! (and please say hi to Ed for me :—-( lol kidding) xx


Weekend in photographs..

((I was going to post this last week but I was so busy anyways here are some pictures I took last weekend))

  • ACET omg (2/4)
  • There are many cute boys in Ateneo including my seatmate (inspiration lol kidding)
  • So after acet, the graduation ball committee (plus me because I’m not part of them but my mom is) went to Oasis, the ball’s venue and damn was it amazing there
  • I think the pictures can explain 
  • Then we went to Kusina ni Kambal in Marikina for the food tasting
  • I felt so professional eating different kinds of food (hahaha)
  • I am so excited for the graduation ball though it’s still months away

  • USTET. 3/4 (dream schooool)
  • good thing my ustet was in the afternoon so I did not have to wake up really early just to take an exam
  • Since it was a long trip, I had to bring my albums so that it won’t be really boring (which explains the brand new eyes album)
  • And of course, my snacks for the exam. M&M’s will never be not included in my exam snacks list.
  • UST is really pretty :—( 
  • when i first step inside their campus, I felt like it was my second home (omg is this the calling). 
  • Oh, and hello to my sister

***this is on queue (also my previous post) because I’m really busy with all my school work plus I need to pull up my grades. No, I did not fail the last quarter, I just want my grades to be higher :-)***


So I tried picturing the sun set last Tuesday (Sept. 30) but I don’t think I succeeded? 

Anyways, have a happy long weekend everyone!! :-) xx


hey, notice you read a lot and i was looking for a new book to read, a suggestions ?

omg im sorry i only replied today :-/ I highly suggest any John Green book or The Selection series by Kiera Cass :-) enjoy reading!! xx


A friend of mine gave me this mix (together with her palanca for me) and I want to share this to you guys because I thought, maybe, it would help you. She told me to listen to these songs whenever I’m feeling down. When I did, I felt disconnected to the real world (which is why the title of the mix is "disconnected"). 

I was going to post this on 8tracks but then I discovered that 8tracks doen not approve a mix with more than 2 same artists on it. (I tried everything though) :-(

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Last September 4 and 5, my class had our retreat in Tagaytay. The experience was amazing and really memorable. I am so blessed to have them as class :-)

Here are some of the things I learned during the retreat. I felt like the pictures could tell everything so I didn’t write a ling post about it 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!


"Teka akala ko fourth quarter na"

"feeling ko exams na bukas"

"sure ba kayong first quarter pa lang?"

these are the usual dialogues I say and hear during the first quarter


I remember telling myself “FINALLY” when I entered senior year. I did not actually think about the stress and the challenges I will face. I even remember dreaming graduating and finally entering college. 

So far senior year is stressful (duuh). It was only the first quarter and we already had bunches of groundwork, projects and requirements. Is is always like this? Based from what I observed from other batches, they looked calm on the first quarters of the school year (or maybe my batch is more expressive on social medias that other batches?) 

In short, I did not really expect all of this work. 

 But of course, 


We all face hardships in our lives. Like what I usually say, “Kakayanin!!



hey stop scrolling

whatever has happened whether it is big or small whether it has happened two days ago or 2 months ago 

its okay to forgive yourself 

okay you can scroll now have a lovely day